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published26 days ago
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Hello! A little bird tells me a new update 4.0.2 is coming soon, so keep your eye out for that! It should fix most remaining critical issues in MuseScore 4, and make some further improvements to engraving. Meanwhile, there are still some features from MuseScore 3 that are missing, and work is ongoing to address this for MuseScore 4.1, which I'd expect to see later in the year. I am also working on devising workarounds to as many as possible; check this week's tip of the week for one example!

Mastering MuseScore

For the ultimate guide to the world's most popular music notation software, see my online course Mastering MuseScore 4.

MuseScore Café

This week in the MuseScore Café with Marc Sabatella, we continue our first-Wednesday "ask me anything" series. Ask your questions in the live chat and I'll do my best to answer!

The free MuseScore Café is live on Wednesday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT, or 17:30 during the winter months), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

Notation Project

This week, it's time to wrap up our work on our choral piece - see the full post here.

Tip of the Week

MuseScore has a number of shortcuts for navigation during chord symbol entry - to move to the next note, beat, measure, etc. I have talked before about some changes made for MuseScore 4 (mostly made in order to meet accessibility standards), but unfortunately some of these changes have broken certain shortcuts on certain systems. While we wait for solutions, luckily, there are workarounds.

For details, see the full post here.

Musicianship Skills

If you want to learn more about music - theory, composition, improvisation, and more - become a Gold level member and receive access to all of our music courses as well as exclusive benefits like my weekly Office Hours.

Music Master Class

This week in the Music Master Class with Marc Sabatella, we'll wrap up our month-long project on chord voicings with a look at some examples of how these techniques are applied in practice.

The free Music Master Class is live on Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT, or 17:30 during the winter months), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

Musicianship Project

Learn to play your chord voicings using typical jazz rhythms - see the full post here.

In Theory

t was almost exactly three years ago that I launched my first online music course, Basic Music Theory. This was right at the start of the pandemic and there was a flurry of interest in online courses - but that soon turned into complete burnout for many people. So I know there are many of you out there who enrolled but never really completed the course. I also know there are many more who weren't around here then and may have missed out entirely. Of course, being a "basic" theory course (covering the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, notation, scales, intervals, and chords), I know it's really just review for many of you. Although even so, I also know there are bits of insight here and there that would be of interest to just about everyone.

Next month I plan to kick off a reboot of this course, using the new course format we are using for Mastering MuseScore 4. But also, I will be running it as a "cohort" - everyone going through it at the same pace, working on projects together, etc. I still have details to work out, but I wanted to give you this heads-up. I'm temporarily closing the course for new enrollment but will re-open it next week with information about how it will all work, so stay tuned!

I'd love to hear your feedback - feel free to comment on the full post here.