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published23 days ago
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Hello! We're approaching the end of the school year. I'm basically done with my university teaching, but my wife is teaches elementary school music and is reaching the culmination of her year: the class musicals. I'll be there Thursday to catch the action, and I will be broadcasting the Music Master Class from the music "classroom" (actually the auditorium stage). So don't be surprised if some school-related themes come up!

Also, see the last section "In Theory" below for information on a challenge that comes with a prize for the winners - a free All-Access Membership subscription to the Mastering MuseScore school and community!

MuseScore Café

This week in the MuseScore Café with Marc Sabatella, we continue our first-Wednesday "Ask Me Anything" series! Come with your best questions and I'll do my best to answer. If you need to share a score in order for me to help, please post it to the Conversation space.

The MuseScore Café is live on Wednesday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

Tip of the Week

If you've ever wished to quickly select all lyrics, or all dynamic markings, or all notes, MuseScore makes this simple. Just right-click (or use the equivalent touch gesture, like two-finger tap) one such element then click Select / Select All Elements:

If you need to get pickier about your selection, try the More option. Here for example, I am selecting all quarter notes on beat four of any measure:

Music Master Class

This week I will discuss some recent music shared in the Mastering MuseScore Community, including some thoughts on the harmonies in the challenge by Abraham Ben-Ze'ev and the latest on the Composition Round Robin started by William Halsted . I'll also show you what my students at Regis University managed to do with my composition Pie Jesu, and we'll hear the school song my wife Kari wrote for the elementary school where she teaches and where I'll be broadcasting from this week!

The Music Master Class is live on Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

In Theory

For those who missed last week's Music Master Class, we launched a the challenge that involves creating your own composition based on a chord progression that is itself a reharmonization of a Handel melody. Three winners will receive All-Access Membership subscriptions to the Mastering MuseScore school and community. We'd love to have you participate! For more information, see the post in the Mastering MuseScore Community, and be sure to join the community while you're at it if you haven't already - it's free!

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